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We cannot wait to begin servicing the Triangle this fall!

Tegrify helps all skill levels of clients, from people looking to have their smart home thoroughly planned, implemented, automated, and managed by us, to clients who are just looking to start building their own smart home and don't know where to begin.

We specialize where others do not:

  1. A deep well of integrations numbering more than 2,500 devices and services.

  2. Fully customizable dashboards with detailed information about your home and the ability to interact with it, all accessible by voice, presence, browser, Android, iOS, or a wall-mounted tablet.

  3. Built-to-order automation. This is where things can get interesting. Using Node-RED and various scripting languages, we can automate nearly anything.

  4. A continuous improvement model means new features are always on the horizon!

Imagine waking up, and your home recognizes you are awake and starts heating the tea kettle or turns on the coffee maker. The lights slowly turn from red and dim to bright white, simulating a sunrise. You feel a little cold, so your heat turns up by 2 degrees. Your smart speaker begins playing your favorite morning routine playlist, and the bathroom fan turns on so you can jump in the shower. When you pour your coffee, your car starts to preheat. You walk out of the house, and the door auto-locks behind you, arming the security system. You drive to the office, all the lights in your home turn off, the thermostat adjusts to save energy, and the vacuum starts cleaning so you can come home to a clean floor.

The possibilities are endless.

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