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Why do I need a smart home? (Part 1)

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

#1: HVAC Energy Savings!

Homeowners report up to 26% energy savings and significant comfort improvements when using an Ecobee Smart Thermostat. These thermostats allow you to set up sensors in each room for several reasons, which you can read below.

Ecobee is a leader in this space and has the following features for energy savings:

Sensors Throughout the Home

Ecobee is different from other thermostats. Most thermostats only take readings from one room where the thermostat is installed. Ecobee, on the other hand, reads the temperatures throughout your home. These sensors all are used by Ecobee in how and when it decides to adjust the temperature.

DataRythym Technology

This technology learns your home's drafts, hot and cold spots, and unique climate. It uses these metrics to make your home more energy efficient.


Using geofencing, detect when no one is home and auto-change the heat/cooling, so the system does not need to run as often. For example, suppose your normal temperature for cooling is 75F. In that case, you might set your Away temperature to 80F to save on cooling costs.

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With sensors in essential areas of your home, this mode focuses on heating/cooling only the areas of the home you are currently occupying. So, for example, if you walk from the kitchen to the bedroom, Ecobee senses this and focuses on making the space you are in more comfortable.

Community Energy Savings

Ecobee customers can opt-in to a community energy savings program. When energy demand is exceptionally high on hot or freezing days, this option sets your temperature slightly higher or lower than usual for several hours to help reduce the grid's load. You would see a credit on your energy bill for participating in a program like this.

In-Depth Reporting

Finally, Ecobee generates excellent reports to see how your home saves energy and compares efficiency to others of similar size and location.


All of these features combine to maximize HVAC savings in your home. Smart homes save money!

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